Jeff’s goal is to build confidence in his clients so that they can reach their true fitness and wellness potential. He is both a coach and teacher, with a long resume of both classroom and administrative experience and is a strong advocate for youth sports and injury prevention, having coached a variety of team sports from K-College.

By tapping into his years of teaching and coaching and through the development of unique adaptive training strategies he returns measurable gains in strength, stability and quickness for his clients. Jeff’s approach and philosophy continues to evolve with each unique experience as well as current science and literature of which he is an avid reader. Jeff is a recreational triathlete who has competed in a variety of multi-sport races and marathons, with a number of podium finishes. He has also organized several long distance bike rides/runs for charity raising over $25,000 for Alzheimers Research and nearly $100K for Liver Cancer research. Next summer he will compete in the Lake Placid Ironman, raising money to support Epilepsy research. He has a wife and 4 active children who participate in a variety of youth sports and triathalon

Sonia's interest in fitness and wellness incorporating weight training and cardio classes, started when she was a teen. Continuing and adding onto her regimen through the years with plyometrics and kickboxing, she has trained in martial arts for the past 13 years, including Muay Tai kickboxing and TaeKwon Do. Her discovery of Yoga in recent years increased her passion for whole body wellness. Sonia is a mother of five young children and promotes yoga to everyone, especially parents. “Incorporating the principals and ideals of yoga in my home changed my household in such a positive light. I realized that simple moments and easy yoga strategies can nurture my children in ways I never expected. What affects us, affects our children."

In 2012, she had attained certifications through NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Synthesis Basic Teacher Training with Raji Thron, RYT200 and a Black Belt in TaeKwon Do. She is currently in the process of attaining additional NASM certifications in Corrective Exercises and Performance Enhancement.