"By creating a wellness or fitness center in the workplace, employers can lower health- care costs, absenteeism and stress at work while at the same time increasing productivity, morale and time utilization..." --St Louis Business Journal

Local events: www.raceforum.com
Running programs: www.coolrunning.com
Hiking in the area: http://www.localhikes.com/MSA/MSA_5602.asp

A good way to get started if you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or both, is to get a clear picture of your current diet. You can easily track your daily food intake using a free app like my fitness pal (www.myfitnesspal.com). Tracking alone often leads to improved eating habits and gives a great starting point toward a healthier diet.

What is Fitting in Fitness?

We specialize in designing and implementing onsite corporate fitness and wellness programs for local companies. We offer a variety of services each conducted by certified professionals. Fitting in Fitness not only assists people in making and achieving some health and fitness goals, it benefits companies through lower health care costs, less sick days, and happier, more productive employees. People in the workforce today face many challenges including (among others) long hours, stressful decision-making, and often the need to be in one place or position for long periods of time. Fitting in Fitness can help employees maintain a healthy mind and body, allowing them to perform at their highest capacity.

In order to determine what Fitting in Fitness programs are right for you, we first conduct an employee survey. After analyzing the results we are able to recommend the appropriate programs based on the employees' wants and needs. Each program is conducted at your workplace. Fitting in Fitness provides all equipment except where otherwise noted and employees are generally asked to dress in comfortable clothing and sneakers when participating in sessions. Employees are asked to allot an hour in total for participation in a Fitting in Fitness activity. Sessions typically last 45-55 minutes, leaving some time afterward to change/freshen up if necessary before returning to the workday. Contact us to learn more about what programs might benefit you and your company.